About Light & Gear

We are a comprehensive lighting solutions provider based in Sydney servicing Australia with high quality LED, fluorescent, and HID light fittings, lamps, and top brand control gears. These include Tridonic, Vossloh Schwabe, Osram, Philips, Radium, CREE, Citizen, Panasonic, Bridgelux, Meanwell, etc. We serve all lighting sectors include architectural, commercial, industrial and residential markets.

With many years in the lighting industry, we understand the requirements of various sectors of the market and endeavour to deliver customers' expectations. 

Our commercial grade and architectual light fittings are built with top quality materials and branded control gears and light sources. Often they are highly customisable with options including Ra>90 LEDs and a whole range of dimming functions. We are able to supply IES files on most of the commercial and architectual lighting to facilitate with your design work, or alternatively we can offer lighting design services at a fee.

As to LED, the solid state lighting has come a long way since it started to be used in meaningful lighting. We do not want to go through the lengths to discuss about the benefits of LED over the the traditional light sources, as we assume people are well educated in this regard now. What users need to be aware is that LEDs do differ, just like other light sources.

With this understanding, we make it our mission that, in addition to maintaining a generally high quality standard to the products' targeted audiences, we try our best to make commodities commodities and specialties specialties, i.e., highly competitive discounted pricing for everyday items, premium pricing (still probably the most inexpensive in the market) for discerning customers.

Products marked with POA are generally customised on projects and individual requirements, therefore require longer lead time.

*** Please note that products listed on the website are not exhaustive. You are more than welcome to make an enquiry with us should you require other lights, lamps, and control gears; and we are more than happy to assist.


We have account facilities for people in the trade, subject to credit approval. Customers requiring BULK BUY are highly encouraged to contact us on project needs and quantity discounts.

You can send us email, or use the form in 'Contact Us' page, requesting quotations. If there are any questions regarding a product whether listed or not on our website, and you need a quick answer, simply give us a call at 1300 88 25 36, or alternatively email us at info@lightandgear.com.au.